Our team is focused on creating a warm and caring school environment for all our students, while challenging them with diverse learning experiences.  Our staff is comprised of 7 teachers, 1 principal, 1 office administrator, 1 librarian, and 1 technology assistant.  We also have a part-time instructional assistants position to help with clerical tasks and supervising students at the cafeteria.

  • In order to apply to our teaching staff, In order to apply to our teaching staff, you will find information about eligibility and application requirements on the Children’s Education Management Teacher Recruitment page. If you are interested in applying to our school as a teacher, please click here.
  • If you are interested in being a member of our staff via a locally-hired position (occasional teacher, lunch-time supervisor, instructional TA), please click here.  To find out more about our positions, please email

2017-2018 staff at the Canadian Section


Grade 1 – 2 Simon Conter
Grade 1 – 2 Sylvain Milhomme
Grade 3 – 4 Corinne Jones
Grade 3 – 4 Annabelle Chometton
Grade 5 – 6 Wendy Terrett
Grade 7 – 8 Christine Norris
Arts Fiona Hopkins

Other staff

Principal Kathi Kay
Office Administrator Nardine Kwasny
Librarian Kristie MacLean
Technology Assistant

Project Coordinator

Lunch Monitor

Lunch Monitor

Lunch Monitor



Chris Terrett

Charlene Edwards-Budden

Jason Fletcher

Pam Baird

Audrey Loof







Instructional Assistants Vacant


Our New Staff, left to right                                                                 Simon Conter, Sylvain Milhomme & Christine Norris