School Council

Our School Council is an integral part of our school’s culture.  It is formed of both Canadian and international parents. We recognize that parental involvement is closely linked to increased student performance and that collaboration between parents and school increases school effectiveness.

The School Council endeavours to foster the well-being and effectiveness of the school community through and to enhance student learning through its support our school’s programs. Last year’s activities included:

  • support with Canadian Christmas Market
  • planning Literacy Night parent-student activities and reception
  • purchasing of new hockey equipment
  • organizing Farewell Ceremony dessert buffet

The Council meets approximately every four weeks to discuss and advise on matters of school affairs.  We are fortunate that the Canadian Section’s School Council is active and is an integral part of the school’s culture.

The School Council members are:

Voting members:

  •      Chair: Cory Kwasny
  •      Co-chair: Jason Fletcher
  •      Secretary: Zosia Brown
  •      Budget Manager: Paco Salas
  •      International Parent Rep: Katie Burch
  •      French Canadian Representative: Yann Boudreau
  •      English Canadian Representative: Daphne Brake

Non-voting members:

  •      Principal: Kathi Kay
  •      Teacher Representative: Corinne Jones

To contact our School Council, email: